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Selected Bibliography

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Poetry by Sara Teasdale:

Sonnets to Duse, and Other Poems, 1907
Helen of Troy, and Other Poems
, 1911; revised edition, 1922
Rivers to the Sea
, 1915
Love Songs
, 1917
Vignettes of Italy: A Cycle of Nine Songs for High Voice
, 1919
Flame and Shadow
, 1920; revised edition, 1924
Dark of the Moon
, 1926
Stars To-night: Verses New and Old for Boys and Girls
, 1930
A Country House
, 1932
Strange Victory
, 1933
The Collected Poems of Sara Teasdale
, 1937
Mirror of the Heart: Poems of Sara Teasdale
, edited by William Drake, 1984


Archival Holdings:

Sara Teasdale Collection, University of Virginia
Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library: Scrapbooks and Critique Pages on The Potter’s Wheel, in addition to six issues of The Potter’s Wheel.

Sara Teasdale Collection, Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library: “Collection contains correspondence, writings, photographs, and other personal papers by or relating to the American poet Sara Teasdale.”  Includes three issues of The Potter’s Wheel, which were owned by Teasdale.

The Potters’ Wheel Collection, 1904-1907, Missouri Historical Society Archives: “The collection contains sixteen issues of The Potter’s Wheel and twelve issues of the criticism pages. Various other works are also included.”

Grace and Williamina Parrish Photography Collection, St. Louis Public Library Special Collections: “Grace and Williamina Parrish photographs. 175 photos. ca. 1900-1930. Grace Parrish (1882-1954) and her sister Williamina Parrish (1880-1940) maintained a photographic studio in St. Louis. Collection includes portrait photographs, landscapes and scenes, mostly from Europe.”

Appendix: Table of The Potter’s Wheel Holdings

Miss.=Missouri Historical Society
UVA=Univ. of Virginia
Yale=Beinecke Library at Yale
Unknown=Location Unknown

Vol. 1 [Nov. 1904-Oct. 1905]

1 (Nov. ’04)  Miss.
2 (Dec. ’04)  Miss.
3 (Jan. ’05)  Yale
4 (Feb. ’05)  Miss.
5 (Mar. ’05)  Miss.
6 (Apr. ’05)  UVA
7 (May ’05)  Miss.
8 [Jun. ‘05]  Unknown
9 [Jul. ‘05]  Unknown
10 (Aug. ’05)  Miss.
11 (Sep. ’05)  UVA
12 [Oct. ‘05]  Unknown

Vol. 2 [Nov. 1905-Oct. 1906]

1 [Nov. ‘05]  Unknown
2 (Dec. ’05)  UVA
3 [Jan. ‘06]  Unknown
4 (Feb. ’06)  Miss.
5 (Mar. ’06)  UVA
6 (Apr. ’06)  Yale
7 (May ’06)  Miss.
8 (Jun. ’06)  Miss.
9 (Jul. ’06)  Miss.
10 (Aug. ’06)  UVA [incorrectly numbered in Finding Aid]
11 (Sep. ’06)  Miss.
12 (Oct. ’06)  Miss.

Vol. 3 [Nov. 1906-Oct. 1907]

1 [Nov. ‘06]  Unknown
2 [Dec. ‘06]  Unknown
3 (Jan. ‘07)  Miss.
4 (Feb. ’07)  UVA [not numbered in Finding Aid]
5 [Mar. ’07]  Unknown
6 (Apr. ’07)  Yale
7 (May ’07)  Miss.
8 (Jun. ’07)  Miss.
9 (Jul. ’07)  Miss.
10 [Aug. ‘07]  Unknown
11 [Sep. ‘07]  Unknown
12 [Oct. ‘07]  Unknown

Note on Missing Issues:

If you have information on the following missing issues of The Potter’s Wheel, please contact me!

Vol. 1, Issues 8, 9, 12

Vol. 2, Issues 1 and 3

Vol. 3, Issues 1, 2, 5, 10, 11, 12